Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Empower Your Kids to be a LEADER!

What is in for the children today?

Today's children belong to the most promising generation in the history of the world. They are at the crossroad between two path. One is the wider path known as the path of mediocrity. The other is a path less travelled known as the "PATH OF GREATNESS". Questions most parents will ask,

"Are my children well prepared to face the challenges in today's world?"

"Are my children well equipped to seize the opportunities presented to them?"

In seeking for the answers, most of the parents will look into the education system. CLICK HERE

Is education important?

Yes, it is!
Before this we are living in an era known as the information age. In that era, individual with most information will be a leader in their profession. So it made sense that parents and schools focus on drilling the student with facts and information. And this is translated into exams and they graduated from the "info-geek" university. Over time they become the "info-geek" leader.

But that era has changed over time and is now transform into a phase of speed and complexity. Facts and information is easily obtain at the finger tips with internet and digital resources. Therefore factual knowledge is no long the key differentiator between the successful or not.

So what the key differentiator for your children? CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is Discovery House?

DISCOVERY HOUSE is established in March 2009.

We are the 1st Kids Leadership Training Centre in Malaysia.
It covers creativity, innovation, health & fitness plus character building through out fun-filled experiential classes.

In Discovery House, we build a strong foundation for your kids to unleash the leadership potential in them.

To be the South East Asia most incredible Kids Leadership Training Centre.

We create values for the kids by providing the most amazing learning experience to nurture the leadership empowerment in them.

What is DH L.E.A.D Program?

Discovery House L.E.A.D.
is a program that specially designed to instill the leadership qualities in your kids.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Who's the Trainers?

Buffy is co-founder and creative director of Discovery House. He has great experience in the design work and event.

Leveraging on his experience, Buffy is the Chief Coach for Quantum Lead, a signature program in DH. He created more than 80 modules on "Creative Leadership" and is currently used as an enrichment program for kindergartens in all over Klang Valley.

Buffy was also in Malaysia Book of Record in his ground breaking chinese orchestra group. He has played for various organization and even for the US ambassador in Malaysia.

His recent appearance in the National Kids Leadership Convention 2009 has marked his passion for children to unleash the leadership genius in them. He is a dynamic speaker, passionate and has always able to bring up the best in the children.

Hank is a life coach. He co-founded Discovery House and is the creator of "I am a Leader" program in DH, a two-month coaching program.

Hank was a trainer for CIMB group, Maybank and Southern Bank. He is an international trainer and has touched people of all walks of life, from Malaysia to Hong Kong, Jakarta and Singapore. His passion for people and children has created a path for him to touch up to 10,000 people till today.

Hank has make his appearance in BFM89.9 with a talk on Unearthed the Leadership in your children. He is also known as "Abang Hank" in TV2 and has tought children on "Balloonology" for TV3 Voice Out.

He shared the same platform among Adam Khoo, Money Tree and together with Buffy in the National Kids Leadership Convention 2009. As the master coach in Discovery House, Hank will create the upmost amazing experience for your children to develop them into a leader.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Needs More Convincing?

Here is the list of event that Discovery House has make a difference to:


  • Ministry of Education (Games Festival)
  • MPH (Usbourne Children's Book Carnival)
  • Smart Reader Kids Taman Melati (Family Day)
  • Smart Kids Convention (Stage Performance)


  • Sunway Pyramid (Lost World School Holiday Program)
  • Ben10 Live Show (To bring the story to kindergartens)
  • Disney on Ice – The Princesses (To bring the story to kindergartens)
  • National Kids Leadership Convention 2009

Our media appearance:

  • BFM89.9 (Interviews on "Unearthing the Leadership in your Child")
  • TV2 (Kids On 2)
  • TV3 (Kids Voice Out)
  • The Star Newspaper Portal (www.parenthots.com.my)

Our Kindergarten Partners (After School Enrichment program)

  • Tadika Diyana (TTDI)
  • Smart Reader Kids (Taman Melati)
  • Modern Montessori International, Tadika Megakids (Sunway)
  • Modern Montessori International, Tadika Akmar (Klang)
  • Tadika First Step (Bandar Utama)
  • Tadika Kinderland (Ara Damansara)

Our Partners:

  • GeneCode
  • MPH