Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Empower Your Kids to be a LEADER!

What is in for the children today?

Today's children belong to the most promising generation in the history of the world. They are at the crossroad between two path. One is the wider path known as the path of mediocrity. The other is a path less travelled known as the "PATH OF GREATNESS". Questions most parents will ask,

"Are my children well prepared to face the challenges in today's world?"

"Are my children well equipped to seize the opportunities presented to them?"

In seeking for the answers, most of the parents will look into the education system. CLICK HERE

Is education important?

Yes, it is!
Before this we are living in an era known as the information age. In that era, individual with most information will be a leader in their profession. So it made sense that parents and schools focus on drilling the student with facts and information. And this is translated into exams and they graduated from the "info-geek" university. Over time they become the "info-geek" leader.

But that era has changed over time and is now transform into a phase of speed and complexity. Facts and information is easily obtain at the finger tips with internet and digital resources. Therefore factual knowledge is no long the key differentiator between the successful or not.

So what the key differentiator for your children? CLICK HERE!


eyeDeaList said...

You guys mentioned that Discovery House is a training centre for kids, does it by any means the same as you guys providing an Enrichment Class for Kids?

Just confused

Raja Menyok said...

hi..,i like your action.
i copied the pic for my blog, rajamenyok.blogspot and univteacher.blogspot

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